Daley M Wilhelm

multimedia designer, writer, and student

Projects: passion and professional

Projects are endeavors that I have given my all to in time, enthusiasm, and effort.

Many have had the benefit of a team working on them, which gives me

all the more motivation to create a quality product.

Byte Rebrand

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The Coven Podcast

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Before reality came crashing in, I dreamed of growing up to be an author. While I still entertain dreams of novel-writing, I've moved on to writing essays, features, and news.


I'm interested in the vicious circle of culture and media. Does media reflect our culture or does culture mirror our media? Specifically, I'm focusing my senior thesis on representation of oppressed peoples in "nerdy" media.

Lifelong writer, new freelancer.

I've been lucky enough to have several opportunities to both teach and lead. Through the Ball State Honor's College, I was able to plan and instruct an introductory course to incoming freshmen, getting them acclimated to their new environment.


Later, my degree program offered me the position of "mentor" in a class meant to give women, the minority of my program, a confidence boost and experience in film.


My favorite moments have been being able to help others reach their full potential. I feel that I learn the most about myself and my own abilities through collaboration in my various leadership positions in Byte.

Learning by teaching.

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Technical and Professional Skills


Graphics and image editing

After Effects

Motion graphics and special effects.

Premiere  Pro

Video editing and special effects.


Vector images and design.


Audio editing and voice effects.

DSLR Shooting

Film, documentary set ups, lighting, and cinematography.

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